MEDAS E Pharmacy
Pharmacy Management System

Centralized Pharmacy Management Solution
MEDAS Pharmacy Management System is standalone software and fully integrated with HIMS to manage drug dispensing, their stock management and also controls functions of a proper pharmacy outlet. This software receives the prescriptions from the consulting doctors and reflects automatically into dispensing unit to a respective patient without any manual interface.

The drug stock / inventory have provisions for FIFO and LIFO dispensing and can work as per the requirements. The batch nos., mfg. dates, expiry dates, drug interactions and all the other details are displayed to avoid the wrong dispensing. Stock levels can also be maintained as per the policy of the pharmacies. It is compliant with all authorities.

Main modules
  • Patient Registration Module
  • Health Insurance Management Module
  • Billing Module (Cash, Insurance and Corporate)
  • Sales Management Module
  • Inventory Management Module
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • GRN Creation
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Monitoring
  • E-claim Management (Submission & Payments)
  • E-prescription Management Module
  • MIS Reports ( All kinds of customized reports)