MEDAS E Veterinary
Veterinary Information Management System

Get all the features you need to run your practice, including SOAP charting, treatment plans, laboratory integration, DICOM imaging, inventory, client billing, scheduling, electronic flowsheets and more. Medas complete electronic medical record system is designed to capture accurate, detailed records with ease.

We build our features around a workflow based design so they are quick to learn and easy to use for your whole practice, from check-in and charting to submitting a lab order, email, or billing update. Try out our intuitive functionality for yourself and see why we rate as a leading paperless system.

A workflow without boundaries:

Our convenient patient file brings all the most relevant charting information in one place, with an instant list of alerts, diagnoses, prescriptions, drug allergies and past medical history. With our summary tabs, you can get a snapshot of all the activity on the patient chart, along with past appointments, referrals, medications, labs and more. Capturing a complete patient chart is easy with data flowing from SOAP notes, medical equipment, staff task updates and more.

  • Medical history
  • SOAP notes
  • Prescriptions
  • Treatment plan
  • Vaccination records
  • Client callbacks
  • Laboratory orders
  • Patient billing
  • DICOM image
  • Flowsheet and tasks
  • Vitals history
  • Referral vet records